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  • Low Female Libido?

    Low Female Libido?

    Female libido is a woman’s sexual desire and the energy that the body experiences when sexually aroused.

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    Find a Solution!

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    You can increase female sexual desire!

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    You can improve your sex life!

Do you suffer from low female libido?
A great sex life is key to a happy life and happy relationships. Sex is not only about pleasing someone else, but turning yourself on as well.

Female Libido

What is Female Libido?

The female sex drive has more value on emotional connection and is heavily influenced by cultural and social factors as well, whereas for men, sex is more about a physical connection and they can engage in casual sexual activity without much thought. A woman’s mind, body and spirit all work together to determine her sex drive and it is much more complicated than a man’s.

  • Female Libido
  • Female Libido
  • Female Libido

Sexuality is an important component to overall quality of life and health, and engaging in regular sexual activity has many benefits for the female body. Sex increases the level of DHEA, the hormone that boosts your immune system, and also the level of Oxytocin, the hormone that controls the release of endorphins.

Regular love-making reduces stress and cortisol levels, meaning more balanced blood pressure and blood sugar amounts, and women that regularly have sex twice a week have a higher reading of Immunoglobulin A, an antibody that assists with immunity.

Some women can experience pain during sex which causes them to not be able to remain calm and subsequently lowers their sex drive. Painful sex happens when the vagina muscles tense up making penetration difficult and an uncomfortable experience for both partners.

Being able to get aroused, with relaxed muscles and appropriate vaginal lubrication, allows for comfortable penetration without friction or irritation and a more enjoyable experience for both partners. Inadequate vaginal lubrication is a sure sign that a female is not sufficiently aroused and can be caused by physical or psychological factors.

For many women, losing her sex drive can have a negative effect on her relationship with her partner and make her lose her self-confidence.

Symptoms of Low Female Libido

For close to one third of women, sexual dysfunction or low sexual desire is a problem that interferes with their relationships and quality of life. Symptoms can vary from woman to woman, including low levels of testosterone, poor blood circulation or a deficiency of nitric oxide but there is no magic number to defining a low sex drive.

Signs and symptoms of low female libido include:

Lack of interest in sex, or desire for sex

Lack of interest in sex, or desire for sex

For many people, the topic of sex crosses their mind on a regular or semi-regular basis. A woman who is suffering from a low libido may never or very infrequently have these thoughts. This can also be connected with a lack of sexual desire – not wanting to initiate sex, or hoping that your partner won’t either, which can ultimately put a strain on the relationship.

In some cases, a woman may even get distressed due to their lack of thoughts and desire for sex, and worry that the level of intimacy with their partner will be negatively hurt and communication will be damaged irreparably. Women that routinely plan to go to bed after their partner has gone to sleep, just to avoid sex, is no doubt suffering from a low sex drive and need to find out how to increase female sexual desire.

Difficulties becoming sexually aroused

Difficulties becoming sexually aroused

Having problems becoming sexually aroused is usually a good sign that a woman is suffering from a low libido. Passionate kissing and foreplay with your partner should lead to a feeling of calmness, relaxation and the desire for sex, with lubrication in the vagina. Without these things, enjoying sexual activity will be near to impossible.

Woman that are unable to achieve orgasm through masturbation, foreplay or intercourse on a regular basis may also have some sort of sexual dysfunction, and this could be due to emotional or physical factors. All women from their 20’s to their 50’s have the ability to orgasm quite easily if their body and mind are healthy and they are with a loving partner. Not being able to do so can lead to further stress and low self-esteem.

Do you suffer from low female libido?
Females with low libido often have little or no problem achieving orgasms, but rather they lack the desire for sex and the thought of love-making does not turn them on.

Causes of Low Female Libido

Millions of women struggle with a low libido and this can be due to many causes, both physiologically and mentally. A recent study shows that around one-third of women aged 18-59 suffer from a lack of interest in sex, and the reason why is not always in their heads. The causes of low female libido can be due to one reason, or a combination of different factors but is usually only temporary and able to be remedied.

Relationship issues

One of the leading causes in a loss of libido can link back to relationship issues. The desire for intimacy, closeness and flirtation decreases significantly when there are feelings of tension, conflict and resentment and a lack of emotional satisfaction.

Sociocultural influences

Having an overwhelming feeling of responsibility, negative feelings or a pressure to perform at work can put a women’s mind somewhere else and away from sex. Stressful careers and raising a family can easily make a woman tired and just not in the mood for any sexual activity.

Hormonal imbalances

Hormones imbalances are a common cause of female sexual dysfunctions, with a drop in progesterone affecting sexual desire and low Estrogen levels resulting in physical changes such as dryness in the vagina.

Medical problems (diseases and disorders)

Many medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, heart disease, cancer or endometriosis can severely affect a women’s desire for sex, both mentally and physically. Having a mental illness like depression usually always lowers the libido due to feelings of extreme sadness or hopelessness or lack of interest in activities that would usually bring joy.

Side effects of medications

A known side effect for some medications is the decrease of sexual desire, so if a woman is taking certain antidepressants, drugs to lower blood pressure or oral contraceptives that affect blood flow or testosterone levels, it is likely that her libido is going to be low.


As women age, their blood levels of androgens continue to fall so they will not feel the same desire for sex at the age of 60 as they did at 20 or 30 years old.

Luckily, the medical science invented methods to increase female sexual desire and prevent problems associated with a low female libido.

Prevent Low Female Libido

Making changes to your lifestyle can be the first step towards achieving a thriving libido and learning how to prevent low female libido:


Sex therapy and/or relationship counselling

Some women may find that there is no physical reason for their loss of sexual desire and that it is linked to psychological reasons. Your doctor may suggest seeking help from a professional sex therapist or relationship counsellor to determine the cause of sexual dysfunction, whether it’s from relationship issues, arousal problems or a mental condition.

A sex therapist will look at communication within the relationship and reasons for the loss of sexual desire, while presenting ideas how to increase female sexual desire and introducing new activities or games to try at home or in the bedroom. Relationship counselling can assist couples that are fighting a lot, have lost their connection or are going through a tough time due to factors like financial stress.


Addressing underlying medical conditions

Visiting your doctor to get a full check-up is important to make sure you are healthy before starting any other kind of treatments. Speaking with your doctor about how you are feeling and undergoing a series of tests, will rule out any underlying medical conditions which may be causing you to lose your sexual desire.

If you are concerned that a medication that you are on is the cause of your low libido, talk with your doctor about finding an alternative option that will not have the same effect.


Trying different sexual position and sex toys

At times, females can lose their desire for sex because of boredom. The same position and same routine can get tiresome and not provide the same satisfaction that it once did. Try to spice things up by engaging in different sexual positions that you have not tried before, or a new location such as a new room in the house, or an outside area. Experimenting with sexy lingerie, role playing and sex toys can lead to exciting and thrilling love-making sessions.

Natural pills for female libido enhancement
There are many natural pills containing herbs and vitamins that can help with enhancing your libido without the use of prescription medicines and are found at many pharmacies or supermarkets or even online in Internet.

How to Increase Female Sexual Desire?

If you are worried that your low libido is putting a strain on your relationship it is worth trying out some female libido enhancers. While there are many different ways to increase female sexual desire, you should spend some time to research and understand each method and know what is right for your body and your symptoms. What works for one person, may not work for another.

It is important to choose a natural and safe method to ensure that your body is kept healthy and no long-lasting damage is done. Once you choose a treatment, be consistent with it as it will no doubt work best with continuous use. Doing everything you can to take care of yourself emotionally and physically, will also contribute to increasing your libido. So, how to increase female sexual desire?



Aphrodisiacs are substances such as foods, drinks or drugs that are thought to stimulate sexual desire and have been used by people of different cultures since perhaps the beginning of time. Common food aphrodisiacs include oysters, which are considered to be high in zinc and amino acids that enable the production of sex hormones, and chili peppers which speed up the heart rate and stimulate endorphins.

Some people turn to certain herbs such as Yohimbe as it lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels, or the calming and soothing Avena Sativa, thought to be 'Nature’s Viagra', which advances the physical desires for sex. While alcoholic drinks like champagne are thought to have aphrodisiac value, it is perhaps the alcohol’s effect of lowering inhibitions that really works wonders.

Although there is no scientific evidence that aphrodisiacs are effective in increasing female libido, many people still use them in the effort to find desire and sexual arousal.




Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises

Many women do Kegel exercises to have better control over their bladders, but the exercises can also work to support better sexual health. Exercising your pelvic muscles leads to tighter muscles which can improve sexual responses and give more frequent and stronger orgasms. Kegel exercises work by strengthening and tightening the pubococcygeal muscle, along with increasing the blood flow amount to your vagina, which is a vital part to arousal.

The pubococcygeal muscle is one muscle that contracts during orgasm, and the more toned this muscle is, the easier it is for the body to use it during orgasm. Strengthening your pelvic floor by doing Kegels makes your genitals more sensitive and can also increase natural lubrication.

Although it is not a guaranteed solution, many women have found that they were able to have multiple orgasms and able to climax in many different positions.




Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy

As the body’s levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone naturally decline with age or become imbalanced, hormone therapy treatments can be one way to fix female sexual dysfunctions. Estrogen therapies, delivered throughout whole body by pill, patch, spray or gel can have a positive effect on a woman’s brain function and mood factors that affect sexual response, and also assist with vaginal lubrication.

Estrogen skin creams are considered one of the best genital arousal treatment options and can restore vaginal dryness and sexual arousal in women that are going through or who have been through menopause.

Systemic estrogen therapy may have risks for certain women so it is important to discuss all the benefits and risks with your doctor before starting. Testosterone treatments are also used to treat female low libido, but too much can lead to side effects such as facial hair growth, voice changes and acne.




Female libido enhancement creams

Female libido enhancement creams are applied to the genital area for a quick solution to low sexual desire and readiness. Studies show that female libido creams work by an increase in blood flow which leads to pleasure and arousal, improving lubrication by relieving vaginal dryness for better and more comfortable sex as penetration will be enjoyable rather than painful.

The creams are used by applying them to the clitoral and vaginal area, with the effects being felt within minutes through a strong tingly feeling and a rush of lubrication and can last up to hours. Female libido creams are very effective as an immediate and temporary solution, but are not a permanent fix for female sexual dysfunctions. Users should also look at other therapies and methods to improve their libido long term.




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Female libido enhancement pills

Female libido enhancement pills are the best and most effective way of increasing sexual desire and libido naturally. These pills contain powerful combinations of various herbs and vitamins that have been used over the years to treat female sexual dysfunctions. These herbs and vitamins increase blood flow, sexual appetite and desire, and lead to more intense orgasms when taken continuously for a period of time.

Some pills on the market contain ingredients that are known to boost and regulate the levels of estrogen and testosterone hormones in your body, which if unbalanced can lead to a low female libido.

Choosing a reputable brand that has a money-back guarantee will ensure that you can get back to having a satisfying sex life in less time than you think.




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According to scientific studies:
Sexual desire is boosted naturally, making you feel more in control and confident, and orgasms are easily achieved.
Although female libido enhancement pills may work slower than other methods taken to increase a female sex drive, they tend to provide safer and more long-lasting results with more than 98% success rate.

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Clinical Studies

In the past, doctors would only recommend over the counter female libido enhancement products, but after clinical studies, they are now recommending natural pills as a safe and reliable option for improving one’s sex drive.

Doctors have found that by using natural pills for female libido enhancement over a period of time, patients get real results without any harmful side effects that are possible with prescription medicines.

Studies have shown that females with previous sexual dysfunction, were now able to enjoy a healthy sex life, with increased blood flow to their genital areas, a strengthened reproductive system and an increase in powerful climaxes, with many enjoying multiple orgasms in a single love-making session.

Doctors are now endorsing many natural pills for female libido enhancement and recognising that the combination of carefully selected all-natural ingredients actually work for improving the female libido and provide users with a healthy and satisfactory sex life.

Clinical Studies

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